Standard Details

Standard Details

Click on the images or links below to download Standard Details in PDF format for the following products:

  • SilvaStandard - Open panel system: Our standard open panel system is fitted with TF200 membrane on external walls and can be upgraded to TF200 thermo reflective membrane. This is a high quality timber frame panel without any factory fitted insulation. This system is best suited for clients with specific insulation requirements, who want to insulate on site.
  • SilvaStandard Plus - Pre-insulated panel system: This infilled open panel system is factory fitted with 120mm PIR insulation and TF200 thermo reflective membrane.
  • SilvaSelect - Pre-insulated panel system: This option comes with the inner leaf sealed with VC foil (a vapour control layer) and counter battening ready to receive your plumbing and electrical services.

For further information or to request copies of other standard details, please use the Technical Enquiries box to the right of this page.


SilvaStandard Plus


Technical Enquiries

Technical Information

This section provides information on how timber frame structures can help you meet and exceed planning and building regulations on air tightness, energy efficiency, sustainability and u-values, as well as technical information on embodied energy, floor protection membranes, insulation materials, breather papers, etc.

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Our Environmental Policy

SilvaFrame is fully aware of the possible impacts our activities could have upon the environment and of our obligation to protect the health and safety of our clients and employees. Silvaframe has located our manufacturing facility close to the import hub of timber to reduce the carbon footprint on transport.

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