Why Timber Frame? - Creating Sustainable Buildings

Why Timber Frame? - Creating Sustainable Buildings

Why Timber Frame? - Creating Sustainable Buildings

The Advantages of Timberframe

Achieving sustainability - reduced use of energy and increased use of natural materials - is now a major requirement for new builds and is becoming increasingly important for planning approvals. 

Timber frame - the sustainable, flexible choice

  • When you use timber structures you’re actively helping to reduce the effects of global warming
  • Timber based wall, roof and floor panels create efficient, quick to build, low-carbon structures
  • Pre-fabricated offsite, easy to install, excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Timber frame construction is further enhanced by our various insulation options, which mean happy customers with lower heating bills and a brighter future for the planet
  • Timber frame allows you freedom in choosing the finished form of your home
  • Timber frame is fully recognized by all financial institutions and mortgage providers


  • The only renewable commercial building material and as a modern method of construction is effectively carbon neutral.
  • Lower embodied energy than other common building materials
  • Renewable material responsibly sourced from managed forests (FSC)
  • Requires less energy to construct buildings
  • Glulam products provide exceptional strength with design flexibility

Quality assured off-site manufacture

  • On average, timber frame build programmes are 30% faster than traditional methods
  • Fewer on-site defects
  • Greater efficiency and supply chain integration
  • Significantly improved on-site construction health and safety
  • 20-40% less on-site waste

Superb environmental credentials and cost efficiency

  • CO2 emissions for timber frame are up to six times lower than equivalent masonry building methods
  • Average timber frame home saves around 4 tonnes of CO2 compared with masonry
  • Energy efficiency is achieved through the high performance fabric of the building
  • Exceeds current Building Regulations including Building Regulations Part L and SAP targets on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPC)

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Planning Permission (PP)

Typically, timber frame structures are looked upon more favourably by local authorities when submitting applications for planning permission. Being a renewable and sustainable building medium, which meets the current emissions and low carbon guidelines in conjunction with SAP ratings etc, timber frame homes generally offer the best solution to meet your construction requirements / planning consent, while reducing environmental impact.

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High Speed Construction

The key to any successful build is getting the structure water tight as soon as possible. Timber frame construction is typically at least 30% quicker than traditional builds - the average 2/3 bedroom house can be erected in as little as one day and in the dry within 6-10 days.

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Services Designed for You

At SilvaFrame we produce a high quality kit and standard of finish which we believe is second to none, to ensure that our clients experience a faster and more reliable timber frame build with a professional service from start to finish.

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Insulation & Air Tightness

SilvaFrame's upgrades, that can assist in achieving better U-values and improved air tightness. Picture illustrates floor zone membrane FCM 750 being fitted prior to Pozi joists installation.

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Winchcombe Cottage

This luxurious, energy efficient, 5 bed home was built in an area of outstanding natural beauty of West Berkshire to accommodate 4 generations. It replaced a 1930s timber house to gain the benefit of modern conveniences for the 21st century.

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Jim & Yvonne' New 5 Bed Home

Rapid progress of timber frame enabled us to move into our wonderful new home within 10 months.

July 2015  

Winchcombe Cottage

After 40 years happily living in Winchcombe Cottage we realised the time had come for an upgrade.

After reviewing options we concluded that rebuilding was better than attempting repair. Used to living in a wooden house we were keen to accept a replacement based on modern, energy efficient, timber frame construction, such as that offered by SilvaFrame Structures in collaboration with SC4 Carpenters Ltd, who designed, project managed and built the house.

SC4 dealt with the design, planning consent and construction, carrying out timberframe erect, carpentry, roof tiling, kitchen and window fitting, as well as project managing demolition, ground works, mechancial and electrical, including photovoltaics and a pellet-based biomass boiler feeding under floor heating.

In spite of adverse winter weather that delayed completion of the groundworks, once started, the main timber frame structure was delivered and erected in just one day, and was waterproof within a matter of weeks, enabling rapid progress to be made on the interior.

We were able to move back in within 10 months of the demolition of the old house. Designed to fit the original footprint and keeping the main features, including basement and attic, we felt at home at once and continue to appreciate all the energy saving benefits.