Timber Frame Panels

Our panel products come as standard fitted with non-reflective membrane TF200 or TF200 thermo (reflective). Banding is then applied indicating the stud positions for fitting stainless steel brick ties or battening to receive the outer skin of your choice.

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Spandrels (fire partition walls)

Silvaframe is one of the leading manufacturers of spandrel panels in the UK, delivering over 1200 panels per year. Our party wall panels and gable ends can be delivered to your specification within a week from your order enabling party walls to be built off-site and installed within a matter of minutes.

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Roofs & Joists

SilvaFrame designs and installs a range of roofs from hand cut through attic trusses to standard fink trussed rafters, as well as Pozi Joists (metal web)

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Feature Trusses and Beams

SilvaFrame Structures can produce feature trusses in various materials and designs including Green Oak, Douglas Fir and Glulam. Other engineered products include glulam and steel encased beams, eco- and posi-joists.

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Car Barns & Outbuildings

SilvaFrame designs and manufactures home offices, car barns and other out buildings in green oak, softwood or other materials to suit our clients' requirements.

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Insulation & Air Tightness

SilvaFrame's upgrades, that can assist in achieving better U-values and improved air tightness. Picture illustrates floor zone membrane FCM 750 being fitted prior to Pozi joists installation.

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