Roofs & Joists

Roofs & Joists

Roofs & Joists

SilvaFrame designs and installs a range of roofs from hand cut through attic trusses (as above) to standard fink trussed rafters.

Hand cut roof with dormers and opening for velux.
Hand cut roof with dormers and opening for velux.

Our top hung pozi joists are designed using the latest MiTek software, fitted with Eggar protect flooring using PU glue for minimal noise transfer.

  Pozi Joists make life easy for the plumbing and electrical service installation, assists in reducing cold bridging and enhances the U-values.

Spandrels (fire partition walls)

Silvaframe is one of the leading manufacturers of spandrel panels in the UK, delivering over 1200 panels per year. Our party wall panels and gable ends can be delivered to your specification within a week from your order enabling party walls to be built off-site and installed within a matter of minutes.

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Timber Frame Panels

Our panel products come as standard fitted with non-reflective membrane TF200 or TF200 thermo (reflective). Banding is then applied indicating the stud positions for fitting stainless steel brick ties or battening to receive the outer skin of your choice.

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Find out more about the services offered by our partner company SC4 Carpenters Ltd.

Liz and Bruce's New 2 Bed House

Stress free, economic construction of 'awesome' end of terrace timber frame house

14 October 2013

Testimonial for SC4 Carpenters Ltd, re: Wash Common Newbury

Dear Conrad,

We would like to thank SC4 Carpenters for the efficient, stress free and economic construction of our new two bedroom timber frame home in Wash Common, Newbury.

The groundwork's for the property started at the beginning of May and we were able to move in by mid August. By comparison, a nearby property was having a two storey extension constructed in the traditional manner. The building works started during the same week as our groundwork's and is still not completed. We are in no doubt which method we prefer.

A passer-by commented yesterday that the house was ‘awesome’ and completely blended in with the existing terraced houses.

We would also like to compliment SC4 on their honest communication with us, which enabled us to make our plans without any concerns of late delivery of the project.

We would not hesitate to recommend SC4 & Silvaframe to anybody considering a new build.

Yours sincerely,

Liz & Bruce