Feature Trusses and Beams

Feature Trusses and Beams

Feature Trusses and Beams

SilvaFrame designs, manufactures and installs attractive feature trusses - exposed roof trusses that offer a cost-effective way to add an eye-catching architectural feature to an interior space in contemporary buildings. 

If your are planning a feature truss or looking for a simple but effective way to add attractive architectural features to an interior space, please contact us.

SilvaFrame Structures can produce feature trusses in various materials and designs including:  

  • Green Oak (pictured above) 
  • Douglas Fir (see balconies pictured below)
  • Glulam (see below)

Glulam feature truss being lifted into place

Other engineered products (as pictured below) include:

  • Pozi-Joists (No need to drill holes for services) 
  • Roof Trusses
  • Cut Roof
  • Attic Trusses
  • Balconies and Posts
  • Encased steel beams

Feature Trusses, Balcony & Posts manufactured in Douglas Fir

Pozi-joist - ideal for very easy installation of electrics, plumbing, etc

Roofs & Joists

SilvaFrame designs and installs a range of roofs from hand cut through attic trusses to standard fink trussed rafters, as well as Pozi Joists (metal web)

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Car Barns & Outbuildings

SilvaFrame designs and manufactures home offices, car barns and other out buildings in green oak, softwood or other materials to suit our clients' requirements.

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Find out more about the services offered by our partner company SC4 Carpenters Ltd.

Winchcombe Cottage

This luxurious, energy efficient, 5 bed home was built in an area of outstanding natural beauty of West Berkshire to accommodate 4 generations. It replaced a 1930s timber house to gain the benefit of modern conveniences for the 21st century.

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Jim & Yvonne Coombs' New 5 Bed Home

Rapid progress of timber frame enabled us to move into our wonderful new home within 10 months.

July 2015  

Winchcombe Cottage

After 40 years happily living in Winchcombe Cottage we realised the time had come for an upgrade.

After reviewing options we concluded that rebuilding was better than attempting repair. Used to living in a wooden house we were keen to accept a replacement based on modern, energy efficient, timber frame construction, such as that offered by SilvaFrame Structures in collaboration with SC4 Carpenters Ltd, who designed, project managed and built the house.

SC4 dealt with the design, planning consent and construction, carrying out timberframe erect, carpentry, roof tiling, kitchen and window fitting, as well as project managing demolition, ground works, mechancial and electrical, including photovoltaics and a pellet-based biomass boiler feeding under floor heating.

In spite of adverse winter weather that delayed completion of the groundworks, once started, the main timber frame structure was delivered and erected in just one day, and was waterproof within a matter of weeks, enabling rapid progress to be made on the interior.

We were able to move back in within 10 months of the demolition of the old house. Designed to fit the original footprint and keeping the main features, including basement and attic, we felt at home at once and continue to appreciate all the energy saving benefits.


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