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SilvaFrame - Timber frame design, manufacture and construction

SilvaFrame Structures Ltd designs, engineers and builds beautiful bespoke timber frame structures for self builders and independent property developers. We maufacture timber frame with U-values ranging from 0.13 to 0.28, suited to all budgets and requirements.

Whether it’s your first time building your own home and you need a helping hand or you are an experienced developer looking for a timber frame company that will meet your requirements on time and on budget, SilvaFrame has the experience and management skills that will deliver beyond your expectations.

A Fresh Approach

SilvaFrame has a different approach and perspective to most other timber frame companies. The company has been developed from experience gained on site in erecting and completing timber frame structures. We believe this gives SilvaFrame a greater insight into how the timber frame structure goes together and has allowed us to introduce innovations and improved workflows.

Your Guarantee of Quality

SilvaFrame focuses on quality, attention to detail and speed of construction. As experienced erectors we know the issues that can arise if manufacturers supply kit that is not of the highest standard. To overcome such issues, SilvaFrame offers an end-to-end service where quality is controlled from design to installation, and the process is fully integrated from start to finish.

Local Craftsmen You Can Trust to Deliver

SilvaFrame is an independent local company run by experienced carpenters. Our timber frame is designed and manufactured in our factory in Southampton. SilvaFrame's focus on delivering fast and reliable timber frame services in Hampshire and the surrounding areas means we are able to pay attention to detail, work closely with customers and deliver complete bespoke solutions to our clients.

The SilvaFrame Vision for Timber Frame

At SilvaFrame we believe we can make a real difference to the timber frame industry by paying attention to detail and offering an "erector friendly" package. The main objective of SilvaFrame is to improve the quality of construction and take timber frame to the next level. SilvaFrame Structures's complete timber frame service is ideally suited to bungalow bumps, self-build and small housing developments.

Our Projects

Elstead, Surrey

Single storey timber frame extensions and outbuildings
For this timber frame project in Elstead, Surrey, SilvaFrame built and installed single storey timber frame extensions on existing properties, as well as car barns, bike stores and storage areas.

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More Projects

Our Products

Timber Frame Panels

Our panel products come as standard fitted with non-reflective membrane TF200 or TF200 thermo (reflective). Banding is then applied indicating the stud positions for fitting stainless steel brick ties or battening to receive the outer skin of your choice.

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Roofs & Joists

SilvaFrame designs and installs a range of roofs from hand cut through attic trusses to standard fink trussed rafters, as well as Pozi Joists (metal web)

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Car Barns & Outbuildings

SilvaFrame designs and manufactures home offices, car barns and other out buildings in green oak, softwood or other materials to suit our clients' requirements.

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Our Services

Support for Self-Builders and Small Developers

SilvaFrame designs, engineers and builds beautiful bespoke timber frame houses for self build and independent property developers. We offer Timber Frame walls with u values ranging from 0.13 to 0.28, suited to all budgets and requirements.

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Services Designed for You

At SilvaFrame we produce a high quality kit and standard of finish which we believe is second to none, to ensure that our clients experience a faster and more reliable timber frame build with a professional service from start to finish.

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Supply and Fit

SilvaFrame Structures Ltd works in partnership with Timber Frame erectors, SC4 Carpenters Ltd, to provide a high quality supply and fit service for its timber frame products.

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Jim & Yvonne' New 5 Bed Home

“Rapid progress of timber frame enabled us to move into our wonderful new home within 10 months.”

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Liz and Bruce's New 2 Bed House

“Stress free, economic construction of 'awesome' end of terrace timber frame house”

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Bradfield Cricket Club's New Pavilion

“The timber frame manufactured by SilvaFrame Structures Ltd was impressively erected in only a few hours”

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